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2Pac – Retrospective Album In December

Afeni Shakur made a deal to share his publishing catalog including a plethora of unreleased songs and poems. Afeni said she would continue working closely with the publisher, but “after 10 years, I have done as much as I can on my own to further the creative aspect of Tupac’s music.” The fruits from that deal are already well underway and today we received news of a new 2Pac release. According to a press release, Afeni helped assemble a 2CD retrospective collection of 2Pac’s career that will be available in both explicit and edited versions. The collection’s 2 parts are titled The Best of 2Pac – Part 1: Thug and The Best of 2Pac – Part 2: Life, each have 9 tracks including previously unreleased recordings and one new remix. The album will be available starting December 4th. LiveDaily also noted that some of the money made from CD sales will go to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation:

A portion of the profits from the albums will go to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation. The TASF was founded by Afeni Shakur to provide training and support to artists who aspire to enhance their creative talents.

If you are not familiar with 2Pac’s career and personal perspective on life, please watch the documentary “Resurrection.” It is a fantastic story, and includes such precious footage like old Yo! MTV Raps clips and life on the street, plus behind the scenes clips from the set of “Belly” which Tupac had a supporting role that ended up having a strong impact on how people perceived him as a musician. You can watch the whole feature-length documentary anytime on HearingTest:
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